Dennis McKay



Dennis McKay is an artist who enjoys painting portraits, landscapes and still life in his favorite medium, “oils”.  He is well known for his brilliant palette and bright paintings.

Dennis was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Kansas.  Dennis began drawing when he was in grade school and attended watercolor and oil painting classes around 1959.  He continued to draw and create oil paintings on his own until 1961. At Wichita Heights High School, he spent four years studying drawing, watercolor, oil painting and sculpturing.

In 1969 Dennis studied at Longstreet Commercial Art School and completed the one-year course in 1970. He continued painting at home until 1983, painting a few oil paintings for family and friends, when his children’s activities began to take up most of his free time.

Since retiring from Cessna in 2006, Dennis has had more time to explore other interests in his life.  He had a renewed passion for art and started taking oil painting classes, studying with Marty Ferguson, Mary Binford Miller, Jim Clements, Virginia Grass Simmons, David Vollbracht and Brian Hinkle. He attended work shops with Jim Clements, Kaye Franklin, Phil Starke, David Vollbracht and Larry Degraff.

Dennis is a member of Kansas Academy of Oil Painters and Kansas Art Guild.  For information on one of his paintings, email the artist at:


McKay Winter Bliss
Winter Bliss
McKay Prairie Pines Bridge
Prairie Pines Bridge
McKay Grazing in the Grass
Grazing in the Grass




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