February 2011 Newsletter/Paint what you feel

The President’s Palette

I have been reading “Problem Solving for Oil Painters” by Gregg Kreutz for the third or fourth time and find that his advice is too good not to pass along.  In regard to the proper attitude to have while painting, he states, “The intensity of a picture is an echo of the intensity with which it was painted.  Your attitude toward the worth of your efforts will show on the canvas:  if you’re indifferent, the picture will be uninvolving.  You don’t have to think you are great, but you do need to feel that what you’re after is great.  You need to feel at every moment that the canvas could come alive, could become a beautiful picture.  To think that way raises the stakes.  It gives weight to what you’re doing and increases your concentration.  You shouldn’t be held back by the thought that you’re not good enough, not experienced enough.  That’s always going to be true:  no artist is as good as he or she could be; that’s what keeps us painting.  You need to feel that despite whatever limitations you have, you have enough vision and feeling to create something artistic and that that creation can occur right now.

Gregg’s advice to us is very sage at any time, and especially appropriate as we enter a new year of creative painting.  It is only in the short time that I have been a regular painter that I have learned to actually see like an artist.  Non- artists do not take the time to develop the sensitivity and perception that it takesto see the beauty and magic that is all around us.  They do not dwell on the color of light as it strikes the edges of an object, how morning or evening light flows through a scene, or notice that the colors in a shadow are more than just the absence of light.  Look at your environment and find something that inspires you.  Feel its greatness, and then paint what you feel.

During this year, let us all look forward with expectation to personal artistic growth and good fellowship in Kansas Academy of Oil Painters.  Looking back on some of our life experiences, my wife, Sally, once commented, “It is amazing what you can do when you don’t know that you can’t.”  Open the doors wide to possibilities and, to some degree, your expectations will be met.

What’s on your palette?

Quote of the Month

“Art is an act of love in likeness of itself – Spirit moulding matter into lovely form.”

“His act in us for Him.”

Francis Brabazon- Australian Poet.

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