Application for Full Membership




Name ________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________

City ______________________________ State ____ Zip ________

Phone ___________________________ Cell phone ____________________________

E-mail ___________________________Web address ____________________________

The original work submitted for membership judging was completely rendered by me.

Applicant’s signature:____________________________________________________

Requirements for application for membership:

1. Submit ten examples of current work. (These can be photographs, digital photographs, or a website displaying your recent work. Oil or acrylic paintings only.  If mailing materials, please enclose a return envelope including postage if you want them returned.

2. Enclose a resume stating your art background, education and shows in which you have participated.  Associate members of KAOP must have been members for a minimum of two years prior to applying for full membership.

3. Send a check for $30.00 for dues for the current calendar year. (This will be returned if you are not accepted.)

The regular meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of February, April, June, August, October and December. Your application will be considered at the meeting following the date of receiving it, and you will be notified immediately.

Please send completed application to:

Marilyn Williams
2860 Wild Rose Ct
Wichita KS 67205

Phone Number: 316-258-7758

Note:  If you prefer, an application form can be emailed to you by contacting Marilyn Williams  at

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